The SCC6500A crawler crane boasts a 650-ton lifting capacity and features an aesthetically innovative cab design with a sliding door structure for operator convenience and a spacious, well-lit interior. It prioritizes operator comfort with a suspension seat, air conditioning, and ergonomic controls. Powered by a Cummins engine, it offers exceptional hoisting and luffing mechanisms, while the dual-motor slewing system ensures smooth 360° rotation. The crane’s sturdy construction and advanced travel system enhance stability and versatility, making it a high-performance heavy-duty equipment solution.

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130T Sany Scc1300Tb

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  • Max. Lifting Capacity

    (With Superlift) 600 Ton
    (Without Superlift) 60 Ton

  • Max. Lifting Moment

    (With Superlift) 8600 t.m
    (Without Superlift) 3920 t.m

  • Engine Power

    390 kW

  • Boom Length

    (With Superlift) 36~132m
    (Without Superlift) 24~84m"

  • Working Radius

    With Superlift 600 Ton 10m
    Without Superlift 60 Ton 5.5m