The SY505-S is a large-scale rotary drilling rig tailored for challenging construction tasks like cross-river/cross-sea bridges, high-speed railways, and highways, excelling in hard rock drilling with robust capacity. It boasts an imported high-power engine, efficient power distribution, and flexible anti-vibration crowd system for strong drilling ability. With multi-stroke winch crowd and quick removal/installation technology, this rig offers intelligent controls, a grand industrial design, and convenient maintenance, making it a top choice for large pile foundation projects.

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130T Sany Scc1300Tb

  • Make


  • Operation Weight

    178 Ton

  • Overall Height

    30740 mm

  • Engine Power

    405 kW

  • Max. Drilling Torque

    505 kN-m

  • Max. Drilling Diameter

    3000 mm

  • Max. Drilling Depth

    friction kelly/inter- locking kelly 116/95 mm