The SRC1200T rough terrain crane is built for strength and reliability. Its five-section U-type boom extends up to 49 meters, with a lifting torque of 3658KN.m, offering impressive lifting capacity. Additionally, the crane features a super-long jib with easy installation and various elevation angles for lifting. The stable double wall board box-type turntable enhances structural rigidity, making it a dependable choice for demanding tasks.

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130T Sany Scc1300Tb

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  • Max. Lifting Capacity

    120 Ton

  • Max. Lifting Moment

    Basic Boom 3658 kN.m
    Full-extension Boom 1900 kN.m
    Full-extension Boom + jib 1492 kN.m

  • Engine Power

    242 kW

  • Boom Length

    Basic Boom 13m
    Full-extension Boom 49m
    Full-extension Boom + jib 67m