The SRC700T Rough Terrain crane offers a robust lifting capacity with a maximum lifting moment of 2300kN·m. Its compact design and Brevini reducer gear ensure stability and efficient performance, even in challenging terrain with a differential lock on the rear axle. With three outrigger base options, lightweight aluminum alloy construction, and a tiltable operator’s cab, it’s highly adaptable and comfortable to operate. Additionally, features like a hydraulic cylinder for jib swingaway and a removable counterweight enhance its versatility and transportability.

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130T Sany Scc1300Tb

  • Make


  • Max. Lifting Capacity

    70 Ton

  • Max. Lifting Moment

    Basic Boom 2300 kN.m
    Full-extension Boom 1150 kN.m
    Full-extension Boom + jib 530 kN.m"

  • Engine Power


  • Boom Length

    Basic Boom 11.3m
    Full-extension Boom 43.5m
    Full-extension Boom + jib 59.5m