Electric Prime Mover

Operating Weight ( Kg ) : 10700Kg-12800Kg
Charging time : 10%-90% <= 1h
Maximum Speed (Km/h ) : 89 Km/h
Front axle/rear axle (speed ratio) : 7.5t front axle / 16t rear axle (speed ratio 5.92)
Cruising range (Standard Load) : ~240km (423kWh JS EV 550)
Wheel base (mm) : 3800+1400
Steering : 5000 W dual source power steering pump
Safety Features : Lane departure warning system + Front collision warning system (FCW)

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  • Battery Swap Station

    With limited land, natural resources and a high population density, it is essential for Singapore to promote renewable energy vehicles and facilitate the green transformation of the transportation industry in terms of sustainability. In the future, it is anticipated that favourable policies, increased demand for renewable energy vehicles, and the active participation of industry players will continue to drive the development of the industry and increase the ownership of electric vehicles. This, in turn, will promote the development of supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles.

    In the current market, the time taken for a fully charged battery takes approximately 60 mins whereas a swap takes less than 2 mins. From driving into the swap station to swapping a depleted battery to existing the swap station will take less than 5 mins.

    The battery swap station offered by us is cost-effective, and efficient as it is able to execute a complete swap sequence in less than five minutes, which greatly reduces the idle time of the equipment and improves operational efficiency.

  • Electric Prime Mover

    As most of our power are generated from natural gas, and a way to be more sustainable is through switching from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). An EV emits half the amount of CO2 as compared to a similar vehicle powered by ICE. In terms of commercial vehicles, such as buses and goods vehicles, the pollutant emissions are significantly higher than those of private cars due to the longer operating hours. Currently, the land transport system accounts for 15% of Singapore’s emission, making it the third largest source of emissions. In 2016, carbon emission produced from land transport was at a peak of 7.7 million tons and Singapore has set a target to reduce the emission by 80%.

    In 2021, Singapore’s initiative, the Green Plan (Energy Reset) aims to cease registrations for new diesel vehicles by 2025 and all new vehicle registrations to be of cleaner-energy models from 2030. Besides so, Singapore targets to have 60,000 EV charging points by 2030 with 8 EV-Ready Towns by 2025.

    With the maturing technology, and government’s initiative, electrification have been increasing popular and well received by the public. Hence, introducing our fully Electric Prime Mover.

    We provide attractive and flexible leasing services of the Electric Prime Movers based on your business’s needs.

  • Battery Leasing

    The usual battery life span is at seven (7) years, and by the end of 7 years, the battery optimal storage would be at 70% of its original manufactured condition hence it will require frequent charging and it is not practical for businesses as it decreases the efficiency of workflow and increases the overall operation time.

    With our battery leasing solution, your commercial vehicles will enjoy batteries at its optimal storage level which is cost-effective and time-efficient.

  • Autonomous and Retrofitting

    Our team specializes in designing and customizing advanced sensor architectures for vehicles and equipment to ensure robust awareness and sensor redundancy, ideal for dynamic environments. We have completed a drive-by-wire retrofit on a prime mover, integrating LiDAR, Camera, and RADAR sensors. These sensors provide 270-degree coverage and precise short-range sensing, enhancing safety during reversing.

    Our approach includes comprehensive site surveys to identify hazards, allowing us to optimize sensor placement and effectiveness. Additionally, our remote control system, equipped with a PC and drive controls, offers enhanced user experiences by mimicking real car controls and providing visual feedback to prevent errors. Our Fleet Management System (FMS) integrates vehicle automation with AI-enabled job scheduling, job orders, and path optimization based on traffic flow and hazards, ensuring seamless communication and operation.