Sany Service Action 2022 – Free Diagnostics and Evaluation on all Sany Boring Rigs

August 2022

Sany Service Action 2022

Ten League Corporation has decided to take customer service to a whole new level by being proactive in approach. On the August of 2022, we launched the campaign – Sany Service Action 2022. This campaign entails the diagnosis and evaluation on all Sany Boring Rigs. From greasing points, track condition to engine health, we covered it all!

That is not all! In the efforts to strengthen our business relations with our existing partners, we have also decided to spend this time to educate the operators on the best working practices. By staying up to date with the latest technologies, valued partners can expect improved efficiency which translates into better cost savings for the entire company. We are proud to say the campaign has successfully concluded with 43 boring rigs and 17 companies served!

What are you waiting for ? Contact Leon (+65 9139 9918) to find out more on how you can be part of Ten League Corporation Family right now!

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