New Launch of E-ECH – SDCE90K7

September 2020

Our latest model SDCE90K9 comes with advantages as below:

  1. Improved safety:
    1. Reduced fire accident due to diesel power source complications
    2. Reduced failure due to single power drive of diesel. Separate motor drives for different functionalities e.g. driving, hydraulic steering, braking etc.
    3. High voltage parts are equipped with the security alarm system
  2. Easy maintenance: Standard ECH consists of engine and transmission and other complicated components which requires regular maintenance by a professional. Lithium battery requires no maintenance except for the motors which requires regular easy top up of the coolant.
  3. Fast charging requires only 60 minutes via dual charging plug and port. This model provides for opportunity-charging as well.
  4. Fuel cost reduction by up to 72%, i.e. SGD215,000 after five year operation

Please call us for details!

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